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Climate finance effectiveness

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With the first meeting of the transitional committee of the Global Climate Fund now scheduled for April and the first annual fast start finance progress report due in May we can expect a succession of influential events throughout the year.  ODI will make a contribution to this agenda by hosting a series of public meetings on climate finance that will run from March through to May.

Aimed at informing the development and climate change communities, our focus will be to examine how climate finance can be raised, governed and delivered in a way that maximises its development impact.  This means examining not only the international architecture (meeting 1) but also looking to see how climate finance plays out at the recipient country level (meeting 2).  It will require harnessing all sources of finance, both public and private sources (meeting 3) as well as examining the most effective delivery modalities (meeting 4).  Of central importance to many developing countries is securing the necessary financial resources to adapt to the consequences of climate change (meeting 5) in an effort to secure new patterns of growth and economic development (meeting 6).

This meeting series will bring together some of the most influential thinkers and implementers of climate finance to speak at ODI in London.