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BudgetByte #1: can standards for fiscal data exchange support better service delivery?

Time (GMT +01) 11:00 12:30
Image credit:Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash
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While digital public infrastructure has been getting a lot of attention in development policy circles lately, much of this has focused on capabilities for digital identity and digital payments. Data exchange has received comparatively less attention, despite the fact it allows public sector organisations to securely share information to facilitate the delivery of public services.

These capabilities are particularly important for good public financial management, as allocating resources efficiently and ensuring they are available when needed requires good data and information-sharing arrangements across and between levels of government. In response, the eGov Foundation has been developing iFIX, an open-source fiscal information exchange platform that standardises fiscal events to allow for more seamless data and information-sharing arrangements between government departments and layers of government.

In this event – the first in a new BudgetBytes webinar series from ODI’s Digital Public Finance Hub that explores government capabilities for bringing public finance into the digital era – the eGov Foundation will share insights from its iFIX pilot project in the water and sanitation sector in the state government of Punjab, India. It will also outline how the concept of ‘standardised fiscal events’ is driving more effective data and information exchange between government departments and state and local governments. A panel of experts will then reflect on how these types of fiscal data standards – which underlie the iFIX platform – might scale up to help address service delivery challenges in other sectors and countries.

This webinar will be of interest to anyone who wishes to learn more about the latest developments in digital for public finance and service delivery. We warmly encourage attendees to share their own views and experiences in the Q&A session that will follow the main discussion.

Important information for attendees

This event is online only and will take place from 11:00-12:30 GMT +01.

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  • Nicholas Gates

    Nicholas Gates

    Co-Lead – Digital Public Finance Hub, ODI/Public Digital (Chair)

  • Prashanth Chandramouleeswaran

    Prashanth Chandramouleeswaran

    Associate Director – Programme Management | Public Financial Management Mission, eGov Foundation, India (Main Presenter)

  • Lorena Rivero Del Paso

    Lorena Rivero del Paso

    Public Financial Management Advisor, International Monetary Fund (Panellist)

  • David Savage

    David Savage

    Director, Western Cape Treasury, South Africa (Panellist)

  • Harish Srivastava

    Joint Director, Office of the Controller General of Accounts, Department of Expenditure, Finance Ministry of India (Panellist)

  • Tohurul Hassan

    Tohurul Hasan

    Programme Manager, a2i Bangladesh (Panellist)