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Beyond the World Humanitarian Summit: addressing political blockages to humanitarian solutions

Time (GMT +00) 18:30 19:30
Hero image description: Ambassador Youssef speaking at a conference on regional organisations Image credit:ODI Image license:ODI given rights


Ambassador Hesham Youssef - Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


Sara Pantuliano - Director, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI


​In the last 18 months, the humanitarian sector has been abuzz with countless calls for transformative change in the lead up to the World Humanitarian Summit.

But at the root of many of the problems within humanitarian action are issues of politics, politicians and a lack of political will, including to transform the aid system. Ignoring politics will only ensure that efforts to transform humanitarian aid will fail.

Delivering the HPG annual lecture this year is Ambassador Hesham Youssef, who, as deputy secretary-general of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, works in a very politically charged region.

A former diplomat, and an insider-outsider to the WHS process, he will offer a fresh perspective on how humanitarians can and must be more politics-aware and politically savvy to tackle the systemic blockages that ail the aid system.

The event will be preceded by a reception at 18:00.