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Beyond assistance: how to support refugees' aspirations

Time (GMT +01) 15:30 17:00

Contributing chair

Sara Pantuliano @SaraPantuliano - Managing Director, ODI


Tammam Aloudat @Tammamo - Deputy Medical Director, Médecins Sans Frontières; Syrian medical doctor 

Ziad Ayoubi @ziadayoubi - Head of Livelihoods Unit, UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

Veronique Barbelet @VeroBarbelet - Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI

Lorna Solis @LornaSolis - Founder & CEO, Blue Rose Compass, United States (via videolink) 


What do refugees say they want and need? What assistance, beyond aid, could support them to realise their aspirations? How can governments and the international community better harness their potential, offering benefits to both refugees and their wider host communities?

We convene a panel of global experts on refugee policy and livelihoods to explore ways to better support refugees in long-term displacement and respond to their needs – from access to employment, to better education and healthcare services, to expanded social networks. The event also offers new insights from the Humanitarian Policy Group’s two-year research project on the livelihoods of Central African Republic refugees in Cameroon, Syrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan, and Rohingya refugees in Malaysia.

We know that the current model of supporting refugees is financially unsustainable. Join us to discuss how we can better support refugees in displacement beyond the delivery of aid, and what we can learn from listening to the perspectives and priorities of refugees themselves.

Looking for more? Follow our Twitter chat using the hashtag #RefugeeLives on 14 June 2017, as refugees, activists, journalists and livelihood experts debate how and why we should support refugees livelihoods.

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