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After the G8: tax, trade, transparency and the Lough Erne communique

Time (GMT +01) 16:00 17:30
Hero image description: Leaders pose for a family photograph at the 2013 G8 Summit Image credit:Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire Image license:Creative Commons


Michael Anderson - Director General, Policy & Global Programmes, DFID


Richard Murphy - Research Director, Tax Justice Network
Christine Allen - Policy and Public Affairs Director, Christian Aid
Lee Corrick - Senior Tax Advisor, OECD


Kevin Watkins - Director, ODI


ODI welcome Michael Anderson, Director General Policy and Global Programmes at DFID, to discuss the outcomes of the 2013 Lough Erne G8 event and the subsequentLeaders Communique.

How far did Lough Erne move us towards key outcomes for poverty reduction in developing countries in the three focus areas tax, trade and transparency?

What follow up actions will be important to fulfilling the development potential of the ‘3Ts’ in the context of the future schedule of G8 and G20 activities – and how can follow up action best be promoted and co-ordinated?

This event wil be of particualar interest to representatives of developing country governments, civil society, the academic and research communities, and the private sector, both financial and corporate/multinational.

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