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Africa's economic growth in a new global context

Time (GMT +01) 16:00 17:30
Hero image description: As well as giving jobs to local workers, the cement factory is recruiting new graduates from across the country, like Kidist Mulugeta – a site surveyor. Photo: Gavin Houtheusen/DFID Image credit:Department for International Development/Gavin Houtheusen Image license:CC BY 2.0

Contributing chair 

Dirk Willem te Velde @DWteVelde - Head of Programme, International Economic Development Group, ODI


H.E. Victor Harison - Commissioner for Economic Affairs, African Union

Mario Pezzini @mariopezzini - Director, OECD Development Centre

Rachel Turner - Director, Economic Development, Department for International Development (DFID)

Dr Desné Masie - Senior Associate, Global Counsel


Africa is the world's second fastest-growing region, experiencing average annual GDP growth of 4.6% for the period from 2000 and 2016. For the current five-year period until 2022, Africa’s real GDP is projected to grow at 3.9% annually. However, providing better jobs, ensuring growth is sustainable and reducing inequalities need to be at the forefront of policy-making for growth to improve well-being and boost industrialisation.

This event brings together experts, including from the OECD and African Union Commission, to discuss the major economic and social trends that are impacting on African development and their policy implications for the continent’s relations with Europe and the rest of the world. The event explores pressing questions for African development:

What are the major economic and social trends in Africa and how are these likely to develop?How can job and economic growth be maximised in Africa to enhance sustainability and well-being?What actions are needed to achieve the objectives of the African Union’s Agenda 2063 in a changing global context?How should policy making be tailored to address the diverse set of challenges across the continent?

This event features the UK launch of the African Union Commission and the OECD Development Centre report Africa's Development Dynamics 2018.

203 Blackfriars Road London