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A turn for the worst: how transport is causing a global health crisis

Time (GMT +01) 13:00 15:00


Sarah Boseley, health editor, the Guardian


Kevin Watkins, Executive Director Overseas Development Institute

Marc Shotten, Senior Transport Specialist, World Bank Global Road Safety Facility

Aaron Cohen, Principal Scientist, Health Effects Institute

Kavi Bhalla, Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit.

Katherine Leach-Kemon, Policy Translation Specialist, Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Saul Billingsley, Director General FIA Foundation


​In the new global agenda for sustainable development, transportation and mobility are becoming recognised as central issues. Trillions of dollars are forecast to be spent on transportation in the coming decades, with emerging economies at the forefront. And as we move beyond the MDGs, decision makers are starting to recognise the need for ‘reliable and efficient’ transport connections for economic transformation and in efforts towards the eradication of poverty.

However, concerns over the social and health costs of the growth in road transport are becoming ever more apparent. Road traffic injuries and the impact of air pollution are an increasing burden on populations in low and middle income countries.

This new research from the World Bank and Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) presents the global health loss from motorised road transport. The results reveal the extent of the impact and the burden on vulnerable sections of the population which has so far not been adequately understood. The report describes policy recommendations and actions to address this 21 century epidemic.