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Youth and economic crises

Young people are being disproportionately affected by the global recession - in entering and retaining employment, as well as in accessing social protection programmes to tackle economic vulnerabilities - in developed and developing countries alike.

The project will take an innovative approach by actively involving local youth in the monitoring and research itself, which will not only give voice to youth perspectives on the crisis but will develop the capacities of young researchers in the 3 focus countries. The work will commence by constructing a vulnerability framework and indicators that will guide the youth-led research.  The research will take place over 12 months, during which time the consultants will actively engage with the youth researchers both to ensure the successful communication of the real-time monitoring to UK and global audiences, as well as to develop the capacities of the youth researchers in the focus countries.

The end objective shall be to ascertain youth perspectives and where possible quantitative and qualitative data on some key questions relating to youth development, capacities, wellbeing and future opportunities.


Nicola Jones; Jessica Espey