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The political economy of knowledge use in the health sector in Cambodia

Part of the AusAID research for policy in South East Asia programme, this study will look at the dynamics of decision making in the health sector in Cambodia. Taking a broad view from the formulation to the implementation of health policy, it will look at how knowledge, policy and power interact to shape decisions and outcomes. The findings will primarily provide guidance for:

  • How development agencies, research institutes and other actors can best broker evidence and research into the sector

  • Secondarily, recommendations will be made for how evidence-informed policy making could be improved in the sector

The research will map the policy processes in the governance of the health sector in Cambodia. This will involve understanding the formal mechanisms in place, but in particular the research team will focus on developing a better understanding the realities of decision-making (including informal practices) across relevant government ministries, departments and agencies, as well as the broader dynamics of policy dialogues.



  • Cambodia Economic Association