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Supporting accountability: Implementation and Analysis in Action of Accountability Programme

The IAAAP is a Department for International Development-funded programme that aims to enhance the ability of Somali citizens to hold governance institutions to account. IAAAP seeks to achieve this by working across different spheres of economic and political interaction that the programme understands as benefitting from improved accountability. For example, the programme works to improve the ability of citizens to seek redress in situations of poor governance or corruption, while also working with Somali governance institution to increase their capacity to respond to these issues. The programme also aims to increase the accountability of aid agencies and international businesses to the Somali population, non-state actors in Somalia and how they influence accountability.

As part of a programme of support to Mott Macdonald (one of the two partners delivering IAAAP), ODI published a literature review, research report and held an accompanying event:


Aoife McCullough, Anne Buffardi and Joseph Wales

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