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Reviewing the social protection sector in Malawi

In 2012, the Government of Malawi launched the National Social Support Policy (NSSP). It aimed to address the high levels of poverty by adopting a harmonised approach to social protection, coordinating the work of five social protection programmes and better integrating the social protection system in other priority sectors. The Malawi National Social Support Programme (MNSSP) was created to implement the NSSP. Despite this, important challenges remain with regards to the integration of the country’s various social protection programmes, which continue to operate in relative isolation both at the national and district levels.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) commissioned us to review the coherence, effectiveness and efficiency of the institutional coordination mechanisms present within Malawi’s social protection sector and provide options for strengthening them. In particular, this work provided input into the ongoing, multi-stakeholder process of revising the Malawi MNSSP II in 2017. 


Rebecca Holmes, Lucy Scott, Blessings Chinsinga

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