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Trust in Digital Societies


Image credit:Ilya Pavlov - Unsplash

As digital technology continues to shape our world, it brings both equitable opportunities and complex challenges. This cluster of the Politics and Governance programme delves into the intricate dynamics of digitalisation, focusing on building inclusive digital societies, enhancing public trust, and promoting human rights in the digital age.

We are exploring how digital means shape power dynamics within and between states. The internet has given rise to diverse social media platforms and information ecosystems, which are vulnerable to misinformation, influencing both democratic and autocratic trends. Our work is focused on fostering inclusive digital societies and enhancing public trust, particularly among youth.


  1. Exploring Digital Government and Power: Researching how digitalisation impacts governance, public trust and human rights. Through looking at regulatory approaches and the political economy of misinformation, we aim to provide insightful policy advice.
  2. COVID's Impact on Digital Transformation: We have been studying how the pandemic has transformed digital dynamics and influenced public trust in digital contexts.
  3. Engaging with Social Media: Investigating how social media business models and structures shape social norms. Our focus includes exploring human rights based regulations and involving users, especially young people, in shaping policy frameworks.
  4. Digitalisation in Conflict and Fragility: Examining the role of digitalisation in conflict settings, its impact on peacebuilding, data rights and geopolitical data dynamics.