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Rethinking governance and democratic accountability

Image credit:Joao Marcelo Martins - Unsplash

Here, we're harnessing the Politics and Governance programme's expertise in political economy analysis and years of research in democracy support, political settlements, and sector-specific governance to shape and lead discourse and practice in addressing today's governance challenges.

Our research focuses on delving deeper into the workings of political systems, governance processes, power dynamics and the reasons behind their functioning. By understanding the mechanisms of change and prospects for reform, we're also engaging in applied research to drive meaningful change at the grassroots level.


  1. Revitalising Political Accountability: Exploring innovative ways to support democracy and governance while integrating principles of Thinking and Working Politically. This theme cross cuts with other areas of our work including Democracy, Development Inclusion, Digitalisation, Adaptive Bureaucracy.
  2. Effective Governance Interventions: Continuing our pioneering research on effective support for governance interventions, merging our proficiency in adaptive bureaucracies, a critical facet for enhancing the legitimacy of governments.
  3. Social Justice and Improved Livelihoods: Previous and current projects, including the African Cities Research Consortium, are aimed at fostering social justice and enhancing livelihoods across regions.
  4. Understanding the Role of Organised Crime: Our new endeavor dives into the impact of organised crime on shaping democratic contexts. We are investigating how criminal elements influence the rules of the game in democratising environments.