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Political economy of Justice, Human Rights and Rule of Law

Image credit:Inaki Del Olmo - Unsplash

Aligned with ODI Strategy 2021-2025, we are committed to placing equity, social justice, sustainability and inclusive growth at the forefront of our endeavors. As a result we are scaling up our efforts in this cluster in the Politics and Governance programme.

There is a crisis in the areas of rule of law, human rights and democratic values, this is evident in the eroding trust in governance institutions. We are focused on bridging the gap and advocating for justice for all. By addressing unmet legal needs and amplifying marginalised voices, we are contributing to reducing the global justice gap.


  1. Legal Empowerment and Access to Justice: Committed to empowering individuals with the legal tools to seek justice, this project is supporting to ensure access is available to all.
  2. Gender and Justice: Gender justice strives to eliminate disparities and biases in legal systems, promoting inclusivity and equal rights.
  3. Customary and Informal Justice: Recognising the importance of diverse justice mechanisms, we are exploring how informal systems can align with human rights principles.
  4. Political Economy of Human Trafficking in the ASEAN Region: This project delves into the complex dynamics of human trafficking, seeking solutions to combat this critical issue.