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Niger political economy action research

United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is currently supporting democracy and transparency through programming aimed at strengthening democratic institutions in the country, integrating international human rights and labour standards into Nigerien legislation, promoting gender equality and adoption of international protective norms for women and girls, and encouraging civic and political participation to resist violent extremism.

This ODI project supported USAID's work around strengthening democracy and transparency in Niger by providing political economy analysis (PEA) action research that aimed to better understand the stakeholders and informal dynamics behind electoral accountability and public administration in Niger. This included identifying not only the incentives motivating behaviour that runs counter to the institutional goals of providing quality public goods, but also the existing local arrangements and the informal systems that serve to promote public good.

In addition to providing action research using PEA, this project helped to strengthen the capacity of local researchers in Niger to conduct action-oriented research using PEA and disseminating this research to the Nigerien public, key local stakeholders and to international partners.


Aoife McCullough, Clare Cummings

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