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Job Creation Interventions in Fragile States

The work described here will complete an initial literature review already undertaken by ODI of what works and what doesn't work for enhancing employment and income opportunities in fragile states in sub-Saharan Africa – and for what reasons.

The review considers the impact of different policy environments on employment generation; obstacles to (and opportunities for) creating long-term, sustainable employment in low income and in fragile states; recent work on household enterprise/informal sector employment creation in SSA; and the pros and cons of interventions that target particular segments of the population, particularly  youth, women, and ex-combatants.

The new work will:

  1. develop and integrate a matrix of interventions and
  2. develop an analytic framework for assessing and drawing lessons from private sector interventions in fragile/conflict-affected states.

The output is expected to integrate literature from Regions throughout the world into a clear analytic narrative with practical policy recommendations, and accompanied by a detailed matrix of interventions.  The final paper should be a comprehensive, well-researched and source document of 50 to 60 single-spaced pages plus appendices. Interim outputs will include a draft matrix and a draft version of the entire paper.


Alberto Lemma, Paul Harvey

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