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Could 'country platforms' be the key to aligning national development priorities and climate goals?


Image credit:World Bank

One of the highlights of COP26 was the announcement of South Africa’s Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP): an innovative ‘country platform’ aimed at mobilizing the flow of finance from developed countries to help developing countries advance both their national development priorities and international climate goals.

Following South Africa, subsequent announcement of JETPs in Indonesia, Viet Nam and Senegal were launched with great fanfare. Egypt, North Macedonia and Bangladesh have since launched country platforms of their own, moving beyond energy transitions to embrace climate action in arenas such as water and food.

Understandably, there is much excitement. But there has been little analysis of whether the existing country platforms are working or how future country platforms can be improved. Such an assessment is urgently needed, not least because of a pledge made by multilateral development banks at COP28 to deploy country platforms at scale.

In response to this gap, ODI has produced a series of insights aimed at guiding the delivery of further country platforms, including:

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