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Bangladesh trade, policy, negotiation, and capacity building support project: phase I

In collaboration with the Policy Research Institute of Bangladesh (PRI), ODI has been awarded a grant to increase the skills and capacity of trade officials in Bangladesh. The grant will be used to identify opportunities and priority strategic interests, understand specific trade issues, develop new or existing strategies, as well as prepare for and negotiate key future trade deals on the basis of the country's specific needs.

The project will provide a comprehensive capacity building programme concerning international trade negotiations that will enable Bangladesh to transition its trade policy base to address the new and emerging challenges it faces.

The main aim of the project is to build capacity within the ministries responsible for trade policy, including the Ministry of Commerce (MoC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), and other relevant government ministries and agencies involved in international trade negotiations and agreements.

To achieve this, ODI and PRI will produce 12 technical studies, design and implement 10 training courses, as well as four five-day, cross-country, peer-learning exchanges and activities to institutionalise and sustain knowledge acquired within the relevant ministries and departments.

To view all outputs visit the Bangladesh Trade Policy and Negotiation Capacity Building project page.


Dirk Willem te Velde, Maximiliano Mendez-Parra, Mobolaji Babalola

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