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Sam Pickard

Research Associate

  • Climate and Sustainability
Portrait of Sam Pickard

Sam Pickard is a Research Associate who brings a technical research background to analysis of wider economic and political issues surrounding sustainable development. His interests include energy transitions, energy poverty/access, and decarbonising development, among others.

With a Master's degree in chemical engineering and a PhD in low-carbon technologies, Sam is an experienced researcher who has worked with academia, industry, and government. Sam spent most of 2017 in Central America working with a local university's renewable energy department, and with a number of rural development NGOs.

Sam's research with ODI has covered many countries and a broad range of issues that range from fossil fuel subsidies and geoengineering, to sustainable development pathways and government policies to combat energy poverty.

  1. Phasing out plastics

  2. Just add water: a landscape analysis of climate finance for water

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