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Joseph Feyertag

Research Fellow

Climate and Sustainability

Portrait of Joseph Feyertag

Joe is a Research Fellow at ODI’s Agricultural Development and Policy Programme. He joined ODI in April 2018 after working as an agricultural economist in the private sector for 5 years. Joe has analysed agricultural commodity markets and provided due diligence for agribusiness’s largest traders, producers, consumers and investors.

Joe has an academic background in social science, completing his PhD and MSc in Social Policy at the University of Oxford, where he specialised in labour market economics. He also has experience working at EU policy level for the European Parliament in Brussels.

Joe is particularly interested in studying the impact that responsible private sector investment can have on strengthening land governance, improving social protection, reducing poverty and sustaining the environment. He also retains a strong interest in commodity markets and studies the effect of dietary transition on crop demand and supply, especially in Africa.