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76th Session of the UN's General Assembly

September 20 - 27

The world's leaders are coming together to discuss solutions to some of the world's greatest crises. Our work offers evidence to how we can tackle the injustice and inequalities facing people and planet.

A fair share of climate finance

Wealthy countries missed the target of committing $100 billion a year to address the needs of lower-income countries. They look set to fall short again in 2021. New research each country’s fair share of the climate finance goal.

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Long-term climate finance workshop

ODI on Climate change

Climate Justice and the Role of International Law

The planet is facing an existential climate crisis. International law already contains obligations to prevent harm to the environment and protect human rights, but how can these obligations be used to spur transformative climate action by states?

Methodological guidance to assess the value for money of premium and capital support towards climate and disaster risk finance and insurance

This report contributes to the practical implementation of the ‘Value for Money’ (VfM) principle, which describes the impact each dollar of premium and capital subsidies (PCS) has on the resilience of poor and vulnerable countries and people. Aiming to inform allocation decisions, it provides a framework and methodology for the ex-ante assessment of the VfM of PCS options.

Written by John Ward, Lena Weingärtner et al

Event: Macro-economic policy for a rainbow recovery

As policy makers convene for the UNGA, it is essential that decisions are informed by the experiences of those in the most vulnerable economies.

We convened researchers and government officials from the Global South to discuss how to drive forward a ‘rainbow recovery’ which is transformative, green and inclusive.

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A New Compact for Resilient Economies and Societies

Sara Pantuliano speaks at WEF's Sustainable Development Impact Summit on how the current multilateral structures are not delivering. "Coalitions must use the transformative power of technology to help the world’s most vulnerable."

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Delivering the global reset

Our challenge to decision-makers and thought leaders to think differently and achieve radical yet realistic measures for systemic change.

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ODI on Human rights

ODI on Humanitarian

Social protection response to Covid-19 and beyond

This research project examines social protection measures adopted since the onset of the pandemic, with the aims of promoting policy learning and helping ensure countries are better equipped with inclusive, adaptive and sustainable social protection systems moving forward.

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