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Climate justice

Colombia’s energy transition: 3 opportunities facing President Petro

The election of President Gustavo Petro in Colombia can be the start of a transformation on many fronts, but especially in terms of the country's clean energy future.

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Petrochemical plant, Barrancabermeja refinery, seen from the Magdalena river, Colombia
Wiphala Andean Indigenous Flag at 8M march

Why indigenous voices matter in the fight for climate and gender justice

CSW66 guest bilingual blog by Mixtecan activist Mitzy Violeta from Futuros Indígenas on reimagining gender and climate justice from indigenous lands.
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A fair share of climate finance

Apportioning responsibility for the $100 billion climate finance goal

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  1. How humanitarians must adapt now to climate change

  2. How to make climate and trade policy work together for the most vulnerable countries

  3. To deliver the promise of this climate super year, UN-led efforts must back land rights

  4. Closing the action gap: addressing climate risks in fragile and conflict-affected settings


  5. Securing climate-compatible trade for the most vulnerable countries


  6. Transboundary climate and adaptation risks in Africa: perceptions from 2021

    Research reports

  7. Understanding the role of anticipatory action in Somalia

    Briefing/policy papers

  8. Addressing protection risks in a climate-changed world: challenges and opportunities

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  9. How the UK’s Comprehensive Spending Review risks jeopardising COP26

  10. Five ways finance can unlock robust climate action from G20 countries

  11. Climate change, conflict and displacement: implications for protection agencies


  12. The Airport Tracker: uncovering aviation emissions

    Briefing/policy papers

  13. Four ways the UK can bring climate and trade agendas together at COP26

  14. A fair share of climate finance: apportioning responsibility for the $100 billion climate finance goal

    Working papers

  15. The role of central banks in tackling climate change


  16. IPCC report: No further proof needed of our planetary emergency

  17. Getting down to the business of 'nature'

  18. Towards sustained development in Small Island Developing States: why we need to reshape global governance

    Working papers

  19. Transformational change case study | Mexico: the contribution of the Forest Investment Program to forest and climate goals

    Case/country studies

  20. Disasters by design: the need for actionable risk management