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Digital Societies

Our priorities

Our work aims to support just and inclusive digital futures. We prioritise attention to human rights and inclusion in the design, use, regulation and study of digital technologies. This means looking globally at how digitalisation plays out in different contexts and among marginalised groups. This also means working collaboratively, bringing together diverse stakeholders – activists, policymakers and private actors – to better understand one another’s perspectives, and collectively devise just, inclusive and forward-looking solutions to the challenges facing our increasingly digital societies.

Trust and dis/misinformation in the digital public sphere

Censorship, surveillance and freedom of expression

Digital rights, justice and equality

Digitalisation in conflict-affected and fragile contexts

The experts among us

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  1. Will the digital revolution unleash the potential of property taxation?

  2. AfCFTA: unlocking the potential of the digital economy in Africa

    Research reports

  3. Digital technologies and inclusion in humanitarian response

    Research reports

  4. The digitalisation of social protection before and since the onset of Covid-19: opportunities, challenges and lessons

    Working papers

  5. Reflections on four key issues ahead of this year’s Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

  6. Digitalisation of property taxation in developing countries: Recent advances and remaining challenges

    Research reports

  7. Digital dissidence: Russian online censorship and possibilities for opposition


  8. Social media and inclusion in humanitarian response and action

    Working papers

  9. Remittances for recovery: a new era of digital money


  10. Hidden in plain sight: how social media infrastructure shapes gender norms

    Research reports

  11. Hashtags, memes and selfies: Can social media and online activism shift gender norms?

    Research reports

  12. A war on many fronts: disinformation around the Russia-Ukraine war

  13. Blackout: understanding the internet shutdowns in Kazakhstan and Yemen

  14. Tackling digital exclusion among disadvantaged adolescents in Jordan

    Research reports

  15. Adolescent digital inclusion


  16. The role of the AfCFTA in promoting a resilient recovery in Africa

    Research reports

  17. Digital mapping and inclusion in humanitarian response

    Working papers

  18. Digital identity, biometrics and inclusion in humanitarian responses to refugee crises

    Working papers

  19. Coinfusion: digital money is creating opportunities and dilemmas for policy-makers

  20. Youth-led (digital) innovation and resilience during Covid-19: experiences from the African continent

    Case/country studies