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Insight and analysis of China’s evolving geo-economic strategy and policy across the globe and across sectors. We focus on China’s global footprint in the Belt and Road Initiative, the developmental impacts of its trade and investment, and its role in bilateral and multilateral finance. Looking forward, we seek to understand how China’s modernisation and superpower ambitions will shape its global role to come.

Reflections on the Chinese Communist Party's 20th National Congress

Three of our experts share their take on events in Beijing.

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Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit 2022

Our analysts pick out three key takeaways from the summit in Uzbekistan.

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Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in Samarkand, Uzbekistan 2022

China and the multilateral development banks

The Belt and Road Initiative

Rooted in China’s domestic economic and security woes, the BRI can have transformative impacts for participating countries, as well as risks.

China and sustainable development

China’s growing role in trade, investment and in development finance put it in a unique position to shape global development outcomes and the SDGs.

Global China 2049

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