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  1. Experimenting with Agricultural Extensions in Zambia: Care's Livingstone Food Security Project

  2. Sector Wide Programmes and Poverty Reduction

  3. The Effects of HIV/AIDS on Agricultural Production Systems in Zambia: A Re-study 1993-2005. Analytical Report.

  4. Regional analysis of Eastern province feeder road project district level estimation of the poverty alleviation effects of rural roads improvements in Zambia’s Eastern province

  5. Preparing Communities for increased availability of antiretroviral therapy: initial findings from Zambia

  6. Turning crisis into opportunity for children affected by HIV and AIDS: responding to the financial, fuel and food crises

  7. Manufacturing Africa: Performance and Prospects of Seven Countries in Sub-Saharan Countries

  8. The linkage between outcome differences in cotton production and rural roads improvements: a matching approach

  9. Fiscal Impact of Aid: A Survey of Issues and Synthesis of Country Studies of Malawi, Uganda and Zambia

  10. The economic impact of competition

  11. Social protection for low capacity households in Zambia

  12. Aid and accountability in health: what can donors do differently?

  13. Assessing the Economic Impact of Competition

  14. Zambia Phase 2

  15. The age of choice: how are developing countries managing the new aid landscape?

  16. Rethinking social accountability in Africa: lessons from the Mwananchi Programme

  17. Health regains but livelihoods lag: findings from a study with people on ART in Zambia and Kenya

  18. DFID influencing in the health sector: A preliminary assessment of cost effectiveness

  19. AIDS and Agriculture in Zambia

  20. Contrôles et sanctions exercés sur l’utilisation des produits forestiers dans le bassin du Kafué, en Zambie