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  1. Climate smart agriculture: capturing the synergies between mitigation, adaptation and food security

  2. The age of choice: developing countries in the new aid landscape

  3. Age of choice: How developing countries are managing the new aid landscape

  4. The age of choice: Zambia in the new aid landscape

  5. The coordination of climate finance in Zambia

  6. Getting it together: institutional arrangements for coordination and stakeholder engagement in climate finance

  7. Age of Choice: Developing Countries in the New Aid Landscape – What’s next?

  8. What does an effective multilateral donor look like?

  9. Politics of research-based evidence in African policy debates: four case studies

  10. The socio-economic impact of commercial agriculture on rural poor and other vulnerable groups

  11. Institutional support for sustainable rural livelihoods in southern Africa: Results from Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa

  12. The political economy of cash transfers in Zambia

  13. Health regains but livelihoods lag: findings from a study with people on ART in Zambia and Kenya

  14. Making sector budget support work for service delivery: good practice recommendations

  15. Votes and Budgets: Comparative Studies in Accountable Governance in the South

  16. AIDS and Agriculture in Zambia

  17. Supply and distribution chains of multinationals: Harnessing their potential for development

  18. Sector Budget Support in Practice - Health in Zambia

  19. The economic impact of competition

  20. Fiscal Impact of Aid: A Survey of Issues and Synthesis of Country Studies of Malawi, Uganda and Zambia