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United States (US)

  1. G7 governments provide $100 billion each year to support oil, coal and gas despite pledging to end fossil fuel subsidies – new report

    Press Release

  2. Are the G7 on track to phase out fossil fuel subsidies by 2025?

  3. G7 fossil fuel subsidy scorecard: tracking the phase-out of fiscal support and public finance for oil, gas and coal

    Briefing/policy papers

  4. Risk to African manufacturing as operating robots in US set to become cheaper than wages in Kenya within 15 years – new report

    Press Release

  5. MEDIA NOTE: New US Secretary of State – ODI expert available and statement

    Press Release

  6. Strengthening domestic resource mobilisation in Australian partner countries

    Research reports

  7. Poorer countries risk losing out amid growing pressure on global trade system – ODI experts

    Press Release

  8. STATEMENT: US withdraws from UN global compact for migration – ODI response

    Press Release

  9. A weaker US dollar could support sub-Saharan Africa’s economic transformation

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Facebook Live: Trump’s Paris announcement

  11. Trump’s Paris announcement: a profound and deliberate abdication of American leadership

  12. STATEMENT: US withdraws from the Paris climate agreement – ODI response

    Press Release

  13. Trump’s proposed aid cuts: the view from Uganda

  14. Sir Mark Lowcock announced as new UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs - ODI statement

    Press Release

  15. MEDIA NOTE: Former US ambassador Mark Green nominated to lead USAID – statement and expert available

    Press Release

  16. STATEMENT: US withdraws funding from United Nations Population Fund - ODI response

    Press Release

  17. Trump’s climate move will put rich and poor countries at odds

  18. Why cutting foreign aid makes America weaker

  19. MEDIA NOTE: Trump administration's plans to cut aid and increase military spending – ODI statement and expert available

    Press Release

  20. Trump’s immigration crackdown: the global impact