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Domestic resource mobilisation and improved taxation will be crucial to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. Here we feature our work on tax.
  1. E-commerce in preferential trade agreements: implications for African firms and the AfCFTA

    Research reports

  2. Public finance and development: top things to read in February 2021

  3. Political economy of fiscal responsibility

  4. Report on the tax policy-making process in Uganda

    Research reports

  5. Public finance and development: top things to read in December 2020

  6. Informal taxes and transfers in sub-Saharan Africa: a review and analysis of incidence in Rwanda

    Working papers

  7. Building trust, not tracking, should be the cornerstone of Covid-19 debt relief

  8. Mobilising revenue: opportunities for lower-income countries during the pandemic

    Briefing/policy papers

  9. Financing the coronavirus response in sub-Saharan Africa

    Working papers

  10. How tax officials in lower-income countries can respond to the coronavirus pandemic

    Briefing/policy papers

  11. Four expert views on the future of tax for development

  12. The Centre for Tax Analysis in Developing Countries (TAXDEV)


  13. Preventing the next debt or finance crisis


  14. Development Policy Review: Tax and Development Issue


  15. Reaching universal health coverage: a political economy review of trends across 49 countries

    Working papers

  16. Solving the low-income country debt crisis: four solutions

  17. More effective tax systems

  18. Low-income country debt: three key trends

  19. Public finance and development: six things to read in October

  20. Countries in West Africa must work together to ensure mining companies pay enough tax