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Domestic resource mobilisation and improved taxation will be crucial to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. Here we feature our work on tax.
  1. Three talking points from the 2023 ODI Public Finance Conference

  2. FCDO renews TaxDev funding for the next seven years

    Press Release

  3. Fiscal policy and gender income inequality: the role of taxes and social spending

    Research reports

  4. Income inequality, gender and the role of tax and transfers


  5. National budget trends in the Southern African Customs Union: struggling for control?

  6. Personal income tax reforms and income inequality in African countries

    Working papers

  7. DPF roundtable event summary | Mainstreaming equality into fiscal policy: Distributional analysis in finance ministries

    Meeting/conference reports

  8. Public finance and development: top reads in March 2023

  9. Financing social assistance in lower-income countries post-Covid-19: An exploration of realistic options

    Working papers

  10. At a glance: Two decades of Employment Income Tax in Africa


  11. Development Policy Review January 2023 round-up

  12. The devil in the detail? Eight lessons from tax expenditure reporting in Rwanda and Uganda

  13. Development Policy Review November 2022 round-up

  14. Tax expenditure reporting in Rwanda and Uganda: challenges, practical guidance and lessons learnt

    Working papers

  15. Fiscal policy and income inequality: the role of taxes and social spending

    Research reports

  16. Informal and religious taxes and transfers in Pakistan

    Working papers

  17. Will the digital revolution unleash the potential of property taxation?

  18. Digitalisation of property taxation in developing countries: Recent advances and remaining challenges

    Research reports

  19. The TaxDev employment income taxes dataset and technical guide


  20. Employment income tax in Africa: findings from a new dataset

    Working papers