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Syrian Arab Republic

  1. Inclusion and exclusion in urban refugee displacement in Jordan

    Working papers

  2. Refugee advocacy in Turkey: from local to global

    Working papers

  3. Regulating irregular actors: Can due diligence checks mitigate the risks of working with non-state and substate forces?

    Research reports

  4. Regulating irregular actors in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria


  5. World Food Programme cash assistance in Lebanon: protection outcomes for Syrian refugees

    Research reports

  6. Cash transfers to Syrian refugees in Lebanon: promoting social cohesion and protection?


  7. The changing geopolitics of North-South relations: introducing ODI MED

  8. Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crisis (SPARC)


  9. It can’t be done alone: why coordination is vital in responding to education crises

  10. The UK’s Covid-19 response can become a defining moment for changing our approach to refugees

  11. Strengthening coordinated education planning and response in crises: Syria case study

    Research reports

  12. Coordinating education in crises


  13. Reconstruction plans in Syria must be a priority at Brussels pledging conference – statement and experts available

    Press Release

  14. Brussels Conference on Syria: four issues donors must prioritise next week

  15. Dignity and displaced Syrians in Lebanon

    Working papers

  16. Counter-terrorism, bank de-risking and humanitarian response: a path forward

    Briefing/policy papers

  17. The impact of bank de-risking on the humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis

    Working papers

  18. Understanding the impact of de-risking on humanitarian aid


  19. Fostering local partnerships in remote management and high-threat settings: emerging lessons from child protection programming in Syria

    Research reports

  20. The gig economy in complex refugee situations