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  1. City limits: urbanisation and vulnerability in Sudan

  2. Protecting civilians? The interaction between international military and humanitarian actors

  3. Food assistance, reintegration and dependency in Southern Sudan

  4. Early recovery: an overview of policy debates and operational challenges

  5. Humanitarian negotiations with armed non-state actors: key lessons from Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia

  6. Evaluation of Danish humanitarian assistance to Sudan, 1992–1998

  7. Gender, violence and survival in Juba, Southern Sudan

  8. Save the Children (UK) South Sudan Programme: Water and Sanitation Project Review

  9. The long road home: Opportunities and obstacles to the reintegration of IDPs and refugees returning to Southern Sudan and the Three Areas

  10. The global economic crisis and impacts on children and caregivers: emerging evidence and possible policy responses in the Middle East and North Africa

  11. Livestock in the Gezira Scheme - 1986

  12. Planning and budgeting in Southern Sudan: starting from scratch

  13. ALNAP Review of Humanitarian Action in 2004: Capacity Building

  14. Sudan Phase 2

  15. Challenging choices: protection and livelihoods in conflict - Case studies from Darfur, Chechnya, Sri Lanka and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

  16. Aid to Poorly Performing Countries: Sudan Case Study

  17. Community-based approaches and service delivery: Issues and options in difficult environments and partnerships

  18. Household Woodlots in the Sudan: A qualified success

  19. Aspects of Labour in An Agro-pastoral Economy: The Northern Beja of Sudan

  20. Uncharted Territory: Land, Conflict and Humanitarian Action