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  1. Why so many Sudanese are prepared to risk their lives to reach the UK

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  5. Assessing the cost of ill-health: two case studies

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  9. Causes and consequences of Darfuri migration to Europe

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  11. Framing innovations for climate resilience for farmers in the Sahel

  12. Climate information and services in BRACED countries

  13. Gender and resilience: from theory to practice

  14. Building resilience and managing risk in fragile and conflict-affected states

  15. Talking to the 'other side': Humanitarian negotiations in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile, Sudan

  16. Humanitarian Feedback Mechanisms: Research, evidence and guidance

  17. 'We are here' - IFRC's experience with communication and feedback channels for affected populations in Haiti

  18. 'We are committed to listen to you' - World Vision's experience with humanitarian feedback mechanisms in Darfur

  19. Aid workers under fire

  20. Early recovery: an overview of policy debates and operational challenges