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South Sudan

  1. The new US fragility strategy can be transformational – but requires careful implementation

  2. Supporting Pastoralism and Agriculture in Recurrent and Protracted Crisis (SPARC)

  3. What research from conflict-affected countries can tell us about responses to Covid-19

  4. East Africa's economic transformation, digitalisation and the future of work

  5. Delivering climate resilience programmes in fragile and conflict-affected contexts: a synopsis of learning on the ground

  6. Agricultural technology disruptors in East African value chains

  7. Dignity and humanitarian action in displacement

  8. Dignity in displacement: case studies from Afghanistan, Colombia, the Philippines and South Sudan

  9. A state of contradiction: Sudan’s unity goes South

  10. Funding to local actors

  11. Funding to local humanitarian actors: South Sudan case study

  12. Funding to local humanitarian actors: evidence from Somalia and South Sudan

  13. MEDIA NOTE: Migration from Sudan to Europe caused by ‘systemic persecution’ of ethnic and political groups – new report and experts available

  14. The role and vulnerabilities of older people in drought in East Africa: progress, challenges and opportunities for a more inclusive humanitarian response

  15. Older people in displacement: falling through the cracks of emergency responses

  16. Do we need a new approach to support fragile states?

  17. The IMF in insecure fragile states: why being absent should no longer be an option

  18. Are public services the building blocks of state legitimacy? Input to the World Bank's 2017 World Development Report

  19. Is inclusive peace and recovery possible after conflict?

  20. South Sudan's civil war will not end with a peace deal