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  1. Understanding patterns of resilient economic development in Senegal

  2. Understanding patterns of climate resilient economic development: synthesis report

  3. Age of choice: How developing countries are managing the new aid landscape

  4. Rethinking Natural Resource Degradation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Policies to support sustainable soil fertility management, soil and water conservation among resource-poor farmers in semi-arid areas

  5. Pesticide provision in liberalised Africa: Out of control?

  6. Raising the game: mainstreaming children’s rights

  7. Fiscal space for strengthened social protection: West and Central Africa

  8. Maternal and child health – the social protection dividend: West and Central Africa

  9. The Responsibility of Local People for the Management of Forest Resources in North Senegal

  10. La responsabilidad de la población local sobre el manejo de los recursos forestales en el norte de Senegal

  11. La protection sociale des enfants en Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre: étude de cas du Sénégal

  12. Factors influencing success in Senegal's village-based tree nurseries

  13. Re-examining the 'more people less erosion' hypothesis: special case or wider trend?

  14. Social protection to tackle child poverty in Senegal

  15. Strengthening social protection for children: West and Central Africa

  16. Evaluation of Sector-wide approach in environment: Colombia Case Study Report - Characteristics, opportunities, risks and recommendations for taking the experience forward

  17. Responsabilité des populations dans la gestion des ressources forestières dans le Nord Sénégal

  18. Closing the gap between climate adaptation and poverty reduction frameworks

  19. Partnerships between Agricultural Services Institutions and Producer Organisations: Myth or Reality?

  20. Multi-Institutional Approaches to Participatory Development: A Case Study from Senegal