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  1. Informal taxes and transfers in sub-Saharan Africa: a review and analysis of incidence in Rwanda

  2. Disentangling urban adolescents’ vulnerability to age- and gender-based violence through a capability lens in Ethiopia and Rwanda

  3. Exploring adolescent girls’ and boys’ capabilities and the role of adolescent empowerment programming in Rwanda

  4. Agricultural technology disruptors in East African value chains: implications for regional integration and inequality within the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF)

  5. East Africa's economic transformation, digitalisation and the future of work

  6. Disruptive technologies in agricultural value chains: insights from East Africa

  7. The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework: progress in four East African countries

  8. The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework: responsibility-sharing and self-reliance in East Africa

  9. Accelerating economic transformation in Africa

  10. Centre for Tax Analysis in Developing Countries, Phase II (TAXDEV II)

  11. Leave no adolescent behind: the gender- and age-specific vulnerabilities of adolescent refugees and IDPs

  12. Policy and legal analysis notes: a review of the national policy against gender-based violence in Rwanda

  13. Adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Ethiopia and Rwanda: a qualitative exploration of the role of social norms

  14. Agricultural technology disruptors in East African value chains

  15. Leave no one behind: shining a spotlight on adolescent Congolese refugees in Rwanda

  16. Understanding and supporting sustained pathways out of extreme poverty and deprivation

  17. Kick-starting economic transformation in Rwanda: four policy lessons and their implications

  18. Good practices for sustained financing of national statistics

  19. Accelerating adolescent girls’ education and empowerment: a call for action to the G7

  20. Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence overview