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  1. ‘Physician Heal Thyself!’: a New Agenda for Peace must look inwards first, to address institutional obstacles to building and preventing peace

  2. Reimagining Gender, Peace and Security: Unveiling the untold story of women’s mental health in post-conflict environments


  3. Sudan’s conflict – civil society and the war between the generals: key takeaways from a roundtable with Sudanese and international experts

    Meeting/conference reports

  4. All avenues towards a negotiated agreement in Ukraine should be explored

  5. Community engagement, protection and peacebuilding: reviewing evidence and practice

    Journal issue/article

  6. MSME-led private sector development in contexts of conflict, fragility and displacement


  7. Adapting to fragility: Lessons from practitioners

    Research reports

  8. Lessons for peace: engaging with Afghanistan after four decades of conflict and one year of new Taliban administration

    Briefing/policy papers

  9. Recalibrating relations in Afghanistan: collective action by international actors

    Research reports

  10. Innovations in Donor Bureaucracies and the Implications for Peacebuilding Financing

    Briefing/policy papers

  11. Inclusion and exclusion in displacement and peacebuilding responses in Mindanao, Philippines: falling through the cracks

    Working papers

  12. The Women, Peace and Security agenda: Breaking down silos


  13. Afghanistan Strategic Learning Initiative (ASLI)


  14. Think Change episode 4: how can we stop wars before they start?

  15. Think Change episode 2: reactions to the French election results – what impact will they have?

  16. From elite bargains to (more) open and (more) inclusive politics

    Research reports

  17. Humanitarians and the Women, Peace and Security agenda during Covid-19: leading in crisis

    Briefing/policy papers

  18. Protection and peace in conflict-affected contexts: understanding the intersections

    Working papers

  19. The Global Reset Dialogue: Conclusions

  20. Delivering the Global Reset