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Human rights

  1. How the G7 can champion a more contextually grounded vision for democracy and human rights

  2. People-centred justice for all: a route to scaling up access to justice advice and assistance in low-income countries

    Research reports

  3. Delivering the Global Reset

  4. Human rights education in humanitarian settings: opportunities and challenges


  5. Taliban attitudes and policies towards education

    Working papers

  6. Inviting non-state armed groups to the table: inclusive strategies towards a more fit for purpose international humanitarian law

    Briefing/policy papers

  7. How President-elect Biden can show leadership in global human rights

  8. A post Covid-19 human rights agenda

  9. Gender, power and progress: how norms change

    Research reports

  10. Human rights are at a crossroads – but accountability and activism can inspire change

  11. FAQ 3: oil and gas, poverty, the environment and human rights

  12. Libya and pandemic politics in armed conflicts

  13. Covid-19: ‘we won’t get back to normal because normal was the problem’

  14. UK General Election 2019: putting sustainable development centre-stage

  15. Human rights in the digital age


  16. Prospects for LGBTQI+ rights worldwide in 2019

  17. Why the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is still relevant, 70 years on

  18. Darfuri migration from Sudan to Europe: from displacement to despair

    Research reports

  19. Prindex trial data sheds light on tenure insecurity in India

  20. Disability inclusion and disaster risk reduction: overcoming barriers to progress

    Briefing/policy papers