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Providing innovative and interdisciplinary commentary and analysis on current health challenges.
  1. Tackling the hidden pandemic: anticipating and preventing mosquito-borne diseases

  2. Staffing shortages in the UK’s care sector: a sign of things to come

  3. Weather and climate information services (WCIS) into use for health


  4. Effective collaboration between governance and sector programmes: Assessment of the evidence on what works

    Working papers

  5. Multilateral finance in the face of global crisis

    Briefing/policy papers

  6. What MDBs (and their shareholders) can do for vaccine equity

    Briefing/policy papers

  7. Twenty years of UK governance programmes in Nigeria: achievements, challenges, lessons and implications for future support

    Research reports

  8. Getting back on track to end extreme poverty


  9. Does better governance lead to improved health and education? Lessons from Nigeria


  10. 'I am not at peace': Covid-19 impacts on mental health of adolescents in Tanzania

    Case/country studies

  11. ‘We feel sad and bored’: Covid-19 impacts on mental health of adolescents in Viet Nam

    Case/country studies

  12. Lessons from conducting research on mental well-being of adolescents in Viet Nam and Tanzania during Covid-19

    Case/country studies

  13. Equity of local government health financing in Uganda

    Working papers

  14. Adolescent access to health services in fragile and conflict-affected contexts: The case of the Gaza Strip

    Journal issue/article

  15. An intergovernmental perspective on managing public finances for service delivery

    Working papers

  16. Sexual and reproductive health and rights after Covid-19: A forward-looking agenda

    Briefing/policy papers

  17. Ending the acute phase of the Covid-19 pandemic

  18. China and global development: seven things to read in May

  19. A 'shot in the arm' for multilateral cooperation - why international public finance should step up its game for global vaccination

  20. Ebola: New lessons for an old problem