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  1. New Ebola outbreaks: putting context and community first

  2. The Ebola response in West Africa: exposing the politics and culture of international aid

    Working papers

  3. What Ebola tells us about aid


  4. The role of fear in the Ebola response

  5. Ebola: What more can be done?


  6. A Review of the Trade and Poverty Content in PRSPs and Loan-Related Documents

    Book/book chapter

  7. Consultation with and participation by beneficiaries and affected populations in the process of planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating humanitarian action: the case of Guinea.

    Research reports

  8. Whose Forest? Modern Conservation and Historical Land Use in Guinea

    Research reports

  9. Sharing lessons from Franco-British-West African research and policy initiatives in West Africa

    Book/book chapter

  10. Millennium Development Goals Report Card: Learning from progress

    Research reports

  11. A qui est la forêt? Conservation moderne et historique des terres de la réserve guinéenne de Ziama

    Research reports

  12. Partnerships between Agricultural Services Institutions and Producer Organisations: Myth or Reality?

    Research reports

  13. ¿De quién es este bosque? La conservación moderna y el uso de la tierra en términos

    Research reports

  14. Collaborative Africa Budget Reform Initiative (CABRI) Seminar on the financing and management of large infrastructure


  15. Guinea elections: a watershed for the private sector?

  16. New analysis reveals African countries are making progress towards the MDGs

    Press Release