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  1. Linking social protection and humanitarian assistance: A toolkit to support basic needs and wellbeing in displacement settings


  2. Basic needs and wellbeing in displacement settings: the role of humanitarian assistance and social protection

    Working papers

  3. Humanitarian assistance and social protection responses to the forcibly displaced in Greece

    Research reports

  4. Addressing the protection gap in Greece

  5. The changing geopolitics of North-South relations: introducing ODI MED

  6. Social protection responses to forced displacement


  7. Learning the lessons from the EU–Turkey deal: Europe’s renewed test

  8. Europe providing more than €112 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies, with almost half benefiting the transport sector – new report

    Press Release

  9. Infographics: Europe's subsidies to fossil fuels

  10. Phase-out 2020: monitoring Europe's fossil fuel subsidies

    Research reports

  11. Monitoring Europe's fossil fuel subsidies: Greece

    Briefing/policy papers

  12. Monitoring Europe's fossil fuel subsidies: the European Union

    Briefing/policy papers

  13. Europe’s major carbon emitters hand out €6.3bn in coal subsidies each year – new report

    Press Release

  14. Coal subsidies in 10 European countries

  15. Cutting Europe’s lifelines to coal: Greece

    Briefing/policy papers

  16. Cutting Europe's lifelines to coal: tracking subsidies in 10 countries

    Research reports

  17. Migration to Europe: latest statistics and new trends

  18. Untangling the data: assessing the accuracy of official refugee-related costs in Europe

    Research reports

  19. ODI in conversation with Joseph Stiglitz


  20. A migration crisis? Facts, challenges and possible solutions

    Briefing/policy papers