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Gender justice

Interdisciplinary analysis that advances gender justice across the world.

  1. Have social protection responses to Covid-19 undermined or supported gender equality? Emerging lessons from a gender perspective

  2. Transformative approaches to reducing teenage pregnancy

  3. Upholding momentum on the women's rights agenda

  4. Making girls count: using data to ensure no girl is left behind

  5. Historical lessons on gender norm change, with case studies from Uganda and Nepal

  6. Why look back? It's not where we are going: the value of history in understanding gender and development

  7. Safe ride: tackling gender norms and preventing sexual harassment on public transportation

  8. Linking social protection and water security to empower women and girls

  9. Four ways the Global Commission on the Future of Work can deliver for women in the gig economy

  10. Gender and the gig economy: critical steps for evidence-based policy

  11. Outlawing pay gaps, #MeToo, ‘pink waves’: 2018’s biggest gender equality wins worldwide

  12. Older women are left behind – Penny Mordaunt is well placed to change this

  13. How to make ‘gender budgeting’ work in practice

  14. Gender-responsive public expenditure management: public finance management introductory guide

  15. Reviewing DFID’s new approach to gender equality

  16. International Women’s Day 2018: gender norms and gender justice

  17. Emerging evidence on ‘invisible’ adolescent girls: tackling exploitation and promoting resilience

  18. From girls to women: gender-based violence across the life course

  19. Shifting norms for gender justice: evidence on what works

  20. Changing gender norms to empower rural women and girls