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Gender-based violence

  1. Intersecting exclusions: displacement and gender-based violence among people with diverse sexualities and gender identities in Kenya

  2. Sisterhood and beyond: keeping up momentum on feminist change

  3. ‘Girls don’t shout if they are raped… that is taboo’: exploring barriers to Ethiopian adolescents’ freedom from age- and gender-based violence

  4. Gender, power and progress: how norms change

  5. The Nairobi Summit, one year on: the march for women’s rights continues

  6. Disentangling urban adolescents’ vulnerability to age- and gender-based violence through a capability lens in Ethiopia and Rwanda

  7. Gender-norms, violence and adolescence: exploring how gender norms are associated with experiences of childhood violence among young adolescents in Ethiopia

  8. Justice, the rule of law and Covid-19: three expert views

  9. Gender norms and women in politics: evaluating progress and identifying challenges on the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform

  10. How far do parenting programmes help change norms underpinning violence against adolescents? Evidence from low and middle-income countries

  11. Unintended pregnancies and HIV among adolescents and young people: a situation analysis of Homa Bay, Kenya

  12. Age- and gender-based violence risks facing Rohingya and Bangladeshi adolescents in Cox’s Bazar

  13. Covid-19 – why gender matters

  14. Safe ride: tackling gender norms and preventing sexual harassment on public transportation

  15. Exploring the role of evolving gender norms in shaping adolescents’ experiences of violence in pastoralist Afar, Ethiopia

  16. Violence against women: an inconvenient truth

  17. Many gains, but many miles to go: women in power since 1995

  18. The role and impact of local citizen security councils as a challenge to criminal violence: lessons from Michoacán

  19. Responding to violence through art and culture: lessons from Michoacán

  20. Societal responses to crime and violence in Mexico: the case of Michoacán