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Financial systems

  1. A fair share of resilience finance for Small Island Developing States

    Research reports

  2. Methodological guidance to assess the value for money of premium and capital support towards climate and disaster risk finance and insurance

    Research reports

  3. Methodological guidance to determine the 'size' of premium and capital support (PCS) at macro level

    Research reports

  4. Designing climate insurance subsidies: political economy analysis and methodological guidance


  5. Cost of living crisis

  6. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating cascading risks across Eurasia – here’s what to watch out for

  7. Think Change episode 9: is crypto the key to global financial inclusion?

  8. Remittances for recovery: a new era of digital money


  9. Informal transfers in low- and middle-income countries: for whom, how much and with what effect?

    Working papers

  10. Cooperation with European characteristics? Lessons from China for the EU–Africa summit

  11. Uneven floors: targeting categorical transfers for poverty and inequality reductions

    Working papers

  12. The TaxDev employment income taxes dataset and technical guide


  13. Launching the TaxDev employment income taxes dataset: new insights from Africa


  14. Virtual roundtable 'A Changing Landscape: Trends in Official Financial Flows and the Aid Architecture – A World Bank Report' summary


  15. Managing climate-related risks in India’s financial sector: lessons from other countries


  16. International corporate tax reforms: what could the OECD deal mean for lower-income countries?

    Working papers

  17. What MDBs (and their shareholders) can do for vaccine equity

    Briefing/policy papers

  18. Impact of pan-African banks on financial development in sub-Saharan Africa

    Research reports

  19. Sub-Saharan Africa’s interbank markets: progress, barriers and policy implications

    Research reports

  20. Impact of pan-African banks on financial development in sub-Saharan Africa

    Research reports