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Economic transformation

  1. Financing special economic zones: different models of financing and public policy support

    Working papers

  2. Skill needs for the future

    Research reports

  3. Record debt levels suggest we may be sleepwalking into the next global economic crisis

  4. How can we finance the end of extreme poverty?

  5. Financing the end of extreme poverty

    Research reports

  6. FOCAC 2018: top takeaways from the China-Africa summit

  7. Chinese light manufacturing and outward investment into Africa and Asia

    Working papers

  8. Supporting economic transformation: an approach paper

    Working papers

  9. Financing the future: how international public finance should fund a global social compact to eradicate poverty

    Research reports

  10. The age of choice: Fiji and Vanuatu in the new aid landscape

    Research reports

  11. Age of choice: How developing countries are managing the new aid landscape

    Research reports

  12. China’s AIIB bank set to become major player while new BRICS bank lags behind

  13. Three ways the international development community can work better with China in 2015

  14. The 2014 CAPE conference: the role of finance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

    Working papers

  15. Following the money: good news and bad news for aid to low-income countries

  16. We must rethink the role of aid for a new era

  17. South-South trade liberalisation as a way out of the financial crisis? An exploratory CGE simulation


  18. The political economy of aid and accountability: the rise and fall of budget support in Tanzania

    Book/book chapter

  19. Debt sustainability in HIPCs in a new age of choice

    Working papers

  20. Two steps forward, one step back: LDCs and the challenges of South-South trade in times of ‘Shifting Wealth'