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  1. Digital mapping and inclusion in humanitarian response

    Working papers

  2. Digital identity, biometrics and inclusion in humanitarian responses to refugee crises

    Working papers

  3. Coinfusion: digital money is creating opportunities and dilemmas for policy-makers

  4. Youth-led (digital) innovation and resilience during Covid-19: experiences from the African continent

    Case/country studies

  5. Ensuring no voices are left behind: the use of digital storytelling and diary-writing in times of crisis

    Book/book chapter

  6. Strengthening youth livelihoods and enterprise innovation in Africa’s digital era

    Working papers

  7. Is public financial management digitally mature?

  8. Social protection response to Covid-19 and beyond: emerging evidence and learning for future crises

    Working papers

  9. Youth enterprise growth: evidence from Youth Forward in Uganda

    Research reports

  10. JobTech and digital innovation for youth by youth


  11. Advancing youth-centred digital ecosystems in Africa in a post-Covid-19 world

    Working papers

  12. Digital life and work: future-ready youth


  13. 10 things to know about misinformation and disinformation

    Briefing/policy papers

  14. Global consultation on youth and digital technologies in sub-Saharan Africa


  15. What Kenyan ghost-writers can teach us about prejudice in the digital gig economy

  16. The digital safety net: citizens and technology in the age of Covid-19


  17. From data to decisions: how to promote evidence-based decision-making through external investments in country-led monitoring processes

    Research reports

  18. Booming Africa: young women and new digital societies


  19. Life as a digital citizen