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  1. Getting it together: institutional arrangements for coordination and stakeholder engagement in climate finance

  2. Crossing the Atlantic: Budgetary and fiscal lessons for Africa from Colombia

  3. Early recovery: an overview of policy debates and operational challenges

  4. European Union: 'Trade Agreement' with Colombia and Peru

  5. Cash transfers and gendered risks and vulnerabilities: lessons from Latin America

  6. Consultation with and participation by affected populations in the process of planning, managing, monitoring and evaluating humanitarian action: the case of Colombia.

  7. Uncharted Territory: Land, Conflict and Humanitarian Action

  8. Verification in the Forest Sector of British Columbia, Canada

  9. The Colombian Coffee Growers' Federation: Organised, successful smallholder farmers for 70 years

  10. Between war and peace: Land and humanitarian action in Colombia

  11. Review of the sector-wide approach in environment in Colombia: 2007-2010

  12. Conditional cash transfer programmes and gender vulnerabilities in Latin America

  13. Organising for local-level watershed management: Lessons from Rio Cabuyal watershed, Colombia

  14. School-based violence in Colombia: links to state-level armed conflict, educational effects and challenges

  15. Colombia: A case study in the role of the affected state in humanitarian action

  16. Violent paths to peace? Rethinking the conflict-development nexus in Colombia

  17. The Local Initiatives for Peace Project - Colombia

  18. Security for whom? Stabilisation and civilian protection in Colombia

  19. Extension, Poverty and Vulnerability in Bolivia and Colombia: Country Studies for the Neuch√Ętel Initiative

  20. Colombia, 1970-85: Management and consequences of two large external shocks