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  1. Consistency case studies: actions supporting Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement in Colombia and Switzerland

    Case/country studies

  2. Social protection responses to forced displacement


  3. Video: When disasters and conflict collide

  4. ‘Doble afectacion’: living with disasters and conflict in Colombia

    Research reports

  5. When disasters and conflict collide

  6. Road safety remains low political priority despite growing number of people killed – new study

    Press Release

  7. Paving the pathways to change: the politics of road safety in Bogotá

    Research reports

  8. Securing safe roads: the politics of change

    Research reports

  9. Global evidence policy units: SINERGIA, Colombia

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. The politics of road safety


  11. Why isn’t aid for infrastructure going to the countries that need it most?

  12. What works in improving the living conditions of slum dwellers: a review of the evidence across four programmes

    Research reports

  13. Colombia’s women, tried by war, find new power

  14. Getting ready for SDG implementation in Latin America


  15. Progress despite adversity: women's empowerment and conflict in Colombia

    Research reports

  16. The coordination of climate finance in Colombia

    Research reports

  17. Getting it together: institutional arrangements for coordination and stakeholder engagement in climate finance

    Research reports

  18. Crossing the Atlantic: Budgetary and fiscal lessons for Africa from Colombia


  19. Early recovery: an overview of policy debates and operational challenges

    Working papers

  20. Conditional cash transfer programmes and gender vulnerabilities in Latin America

    Research reports