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  1. Risks along the Belt and Road: Chinese investment and infrastructure development in Cambodia

    Research reports

  2. What winter sports tell us about population ageing and development: lessons from China and Japan

  3. Migration for climate action: how labour mobility can help the green transition

  4. Cooperation with European characteristics? Lessons from China for the EU–Africa summit

  5. Blackout: understanding the internet shutdowns in Kazakhstan and Yemen

  6. China to keep a watchful eye on Kazakhstan as political risk heightens

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  8. Changing tides for China-Africa cooperation: our key takeaways from the 8th FOCAC

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  10. China’s lending landscape and approach to debt relief


  11. China's role in the multilateral development banks


  12. The deeper questions about China and the multilateral banks underneath the Doing Business controversy

  13. Notes from Africa 2: Kenya

  14. China in the multilateral development banks: evolving strategies of a new power

    Research reports

  15. The Belt and Road and Chinese enterprises in Ethiopia: risks and opportunities for development

    Research reports

  16. China and global development: 10 things to read in July

  17. Driving a green recovery in developing countries: what role is China playing?

    Research reports

  18. Pulse 3 – recover, reform,  restructure: China’s outward investment appetite and implications for developing countries

    Research reports

  19. China and global development: seven things to read in May

  20. Understanding and mitigating social risks to sustainable development in China’s BRI: evidence from Nepal and Zambia

    Research reports