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  1. Developments towards Participatory Forest Management on Mount Cameroon (The LimbeBotanic Garden and Rainforest Genetic Conservation Project 1988-1994)

  2. The Development of Community Forests in Cameroon: Origins, Current Situation and Constraints

  3. Stall Feeding of Cattle in the Mandara Mountains of Northern Cameroon

  4. Harmonía y conflicto entre el uso de productos forestales no maderables y la conservación en el Parque Nacional de Korup

  5. Les 4R: un outil décisionnel précieux en matière de gestion et de partage des bénéfices pour la forêt de Bimbia Bonadikombo au Cameroun

  6. Rôle des agroforêts cacao dans la foresterie paysanne et communautaire au Sud-Cameroun

  7. Foresterie communautaire et soulagement de la pauvreté au Cameroun

  8. Industrialisation in sub-Saharan Africa: Phase one, country case study – Cameroon

  9. Conservation de la biodiversité par la foresterie communautaire dans les forêts des montagnes du Cameroun

  10. The Forestry Taxation System and the Involvement of Local Communities in Forest Management in Cameroon

  11. Implementing a Medium-Term Perspective to Budgeting in the Context of National Poverty Reduction Strategies

  12. Participatory Domestication of Indigenous Trees for Improved Livelihoods and a Better Environment

  13. Acontecimientos encaminados hacia el manejo forestal participatorio en el Monte Camerún

  14. A Conservation Partnership: Community Forestry at Kilum-Ijim, Cameroon

  15. A Review of Experience in Implementing Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks in a PRSP Context: A Synthesis of Eight Country Studies

  16. Si, nda bot y ayong: cultivo migratorio, uso de la tierra y derechos de propiedad en la región sur de Camerún

  17. Highlights of the Nigeria Livestock Resources Report & Cahemer production in Northern China & Fulani Settlement in the Northwest Province of Cameroon

  18. Si, Nda Bot et Ayong: culture itinérante, occupation des sols et droits fonciers au Sud-Cameroun

  19. Community Forestry: Facing up to the Challenge in Cameroon

  20. Manufacturing Africa: Performance and Prospects of Seven Countries in Sub-Saharan Countries