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  1. East Africa's economic transformation, digitalisation and the future of work

  2. Graduating out of poverty across generations: unpacking children’s well‐being trajectories in Burundi

    Research reports

  3. Agricultural technology disruptors in East African value chains


  4. Economic development in fragile contexts: learning from success and failure

    Working papers

  5. What policy lessons can be learnt from cases of pro-poorest growth?

    Working papers

  6. Leaving no one behind: a critical path for the first 1,000 days of the Sustainable Development Goals

    Research reports

  7. Uncharted Territory: Land, Conflict and Humanitarian Action

    Book/book chapter

  8. Financing readiness: insights from the Amazon Fund and Congo Basin Forest Funds' efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation

    Research reports

  9. Uncharted Territory: Land, Conflict and Humanitarian Action

    Briefing/policy papers

  10. Labour mobility in East Africa: an analysis of the East African Community's common market and the free movement of workers


  11. Practical approaches to the aid effectiveness agenda: evidence in aligning aid information with recipient country budgets

    Working papers

  12. States of fragility: stabilisation and its implications for humanitarian action

    Working papers

  13. Adapting to climate change in the water sector

    Working papers

  14. Preventing violent conflict in Africa: inequalities, perceptions and institutions


  15. Uneasy bedfellows? Stabilisation and humanitarian action

  16. From Soldiers to Politicians. Transforming Rebel Movements After Civil War


  17. Uncharted Territory: Land, Conflict and Humanitarian Action - New York launch